Milk Testing

Milk Testing

Would you like to have the opportunity for your mini dairy does to earn milk Production Star awards?  Would you like to know how much butterfat and protein your mini dairy does are producing?

Would you like to have official milk records to offer buyers?
If so, MDGA has DHI and In-House milk testing programs for you!

305 Day Testing

If you are interested in your animals participating in a 305-day milk test, you must sign your herd up with MDGA by January 30th of each year.
All New herds joining can apply anytime of the year.

Any herd new to the MDGA 305 milk program may register at any time. Please note that all rules still apply.
You does must be tested within the first 45 day of freshening.

One-Day Milk Test

One-day milk tests must be scheduled at least 30 days in advance.

For Miniature does a score of 70 points or more (figured to the thousandth place, rounded to the nearest whole number) will be required to receive a Production Star(*P).

For Nigerian Dwarf does a score of 55 points or more will be required to receive a Production Star(*P).

DHIA Testing Plans

  1. Standard Test (DHIR-20): The supervisor/tester comes once a month to record milk weight, take samples from two consecutive milkings, fill out paperwork, and send samples to a lab. The supervisor must adhere to MDGA rules.
  2. Group Test: Owners of three or more herds may test each other’s respective herds. These owners rotate which herd they will test each month. They will weigh milk, take samples on two consecutive milkings, fill out paperwork, and send samples to the lab. Each member-owner in the group must complete supervisor training before testing begins. A verification test is required between ninety and 159 days fresh.
  3. EOM/Every other Month (DHIR-21): The supervisor collects milk weight one day, alternating the AM and PM weighing each month. DRPC will determine the other weight. A verification test is required.
  4. AM/PM (DHIR-22): The supervisor weighs milk from both milkings on test days, and also collects samples alternating between AM-PM on alternate months. A verification test is required.
  5. Owner Sample: Owner weighs and samples all milkings on test day. A verification test is required. Does tested by this method do not qualify for Top Five Awards.

MDGA does NOT supply milk testing lab or testing supplies

Please contact the MDGA Milk Committee Chair with any questions or problems.