Milk Test – 305 Day

305-Day Milk Test

The MDGA Milk Committee will be implementing the following changes, starting January 1, 2016.  The purpose of the changes is to help make the program run more smoothly and work better for everyone.

In order to participate in the MDGA Milk Program, all participating herds MUST register with the milk committee by January 30th of the year of participation.

All tests must be completed no less than 25 days apart and no more than 45.

Verification must take place between 90 and 120 days.

The first test must be done within the first 45 days of lactation.

A list of all does intended to be on test MUST be included with herd registration.  Participants may still eliminate any doe on the list at any time, but may NOT add additional ones. (With the exception of transfers from another herd on test.)

ALL does to be tested must have their first test by the time they are 45 days in milk, testing must be done at least every 45 days until dry, up to 305 days.

All test paperwork and lab sheets must be turned in a minimum of every 60 days.

Herds registered, will receive a barn sheet with all the doe information included to be used for your first test.  For any does not tested, participants will draw a line through the doe’s name and that doe will be deleted from the sheet for the next test.   Upon receipt of the first test results, a verification form with all does listed will be provided.  Again, any doe may be crossed out if she is to be dropped from the program.

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