Milk Test – 1-Day

Regulation for a One-Day Milk Test

  1. Only certified testers may preside over a one-day test. (No owner samplers accepted)
  2. The doe must be on the premises where the test is held during the entire period of the test.
  3. Three milk outs will be conducted.  The first is a check with no samples taken. The milk weight will be recorded but not used to calculate the final score.
  4. Samples and weights will be taken from the second and third milk outs. These will be used to calculate the final score.
  5. The original result sheet from the lab will be sent directly to MDGA after the butterfat has been calculated.
  6. Milk outs will be 12 hours apart.
  7. Each doe will be officially measured by the tester.
  8. For Miniature does a score of 70 points or more (figured to the thousandth place, rounded to the nearest whole number) will be required to receive a Production Star(*P).  For Nigerian Dwarf does a score of 55 points or more will be required to receive a Production Star(*P).
  9. Scores will be calculated using the following formula:
  10. Multiply pounds of milk by 5.55
  11. Multiply pounds of milk by butterfat, times 1.11
  12. Multiply days since freshening by .0555.
  13. Add totals for final score.

Example:  a doe fresh 43 days with 5.6 pounds of milk at 4.5% fat:

  1. 5.6 x 5.55 = 31.08
  2. 5.6 x 4.5 x 1.11 =  27.9720 (rounded to 27.97)
  3. 43 x .0555 =  2.3865 (rounded to 2.387)
  4. 31.08 + 27.97 + 2.387 = 61.437 (rounded to 61); Doe does not receives a Star
    (unless is it a Nigerian Dwarf where the qualification is >55 points, vice >70 points for all other minis.)

Fill out the One Day Test application you received in your packet and send with the appropriate herd fee.

  1. A certificate will be sent for any doe earning a Star after all fees and reports have been received

How to get started and what to expect

You will need a scale that weighs in .0 (tenths of a pound). A digital postage scale can be used, although a regular dairy scale is better.

Plan ahead, does are usually at their peek at 60 days. Send in your application and payment no less than 2 weeks BEFORE you plan on testing.

After  having milked all the does and added their milk to their individual bottles, have the tester prepare the milk samples
to be mailed to the lab, which will test the milk.

Please send a note along with your sample to have results emailed to
The milk committee will figure the amounts and send you a report showing what your animals have done.

Complete instructions and procedures will be sent to the herd owner after the herd is registered to be on test.


When you contact your milk tester these are the things you or your milk tester will be required to have:

  • A measuring stick/device to measure the goats height
  • A certified scale

Things to remember:

  • Be sure to keep a copy of the barn sheet and also email a copy to MDGA

  • Tester should mail samples and barn sheet, not the owner