Miniature Dairy Goat Association

MDGA Judges’ Training

Chair: Ed Kinser


MDGA Judges’ Manual  is available through the MDGA office for $25 (including shipping).

The manual may be purchased by using PayPal:



OR by sending a check to:
PO BOx 1534
Woodland, WA 98674

The MDGA Judges’ Manual contains information on judge training sessions, testing, types of licenses, Judge and Show Rules, MDGA Score Card, breed standards, fault lists, and more. This manual provides all of the basic information that will be covered on the written portion of the Judges’ Test.
It will also serve as a source of information for MDGA members, especially for those involved in MDGA-sanctioned shows.

The manual includes an application form for participation in an MDGA Judges’ Training Session that includes testing and licensing. 

The $50 fee for the training session (which also covers the Judge’s License fee for the current year) is payable through PayPal:

OR by mailing a check to:
Ed Kinser
10023 Fortune Ridge Road
Bent Mountain, VA 24059

The manual also includes a One-Day Testing License application form as well as an MDGA Judge licensing application form
that is specifically for dairy goat judges who are presently licensed by other registries.


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