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 Registering MDGA Miniature Dairy Goats

All registrations are subject to approval by the MDGA Registrars. See below for registration guidelines.

ATTENTION: Payment for paperwork MUST be received in order for the paperwork to be processed.
 No paperwork will be processed before payment is received.

Please DO NOT send any payment to the registrars’ personal email addresses.
If you must send a PayPal payment without using MDGA’s PayPal system, please send the payment to

Now you can register your animals online.

Online Registration  - Use this form to register your miniature dairy goats (Experimental, American and Purebred). if you are selling an animal with the intent that the buyer will register the goat with MDGA.  

Or You can use our Fill Out & Print Application and mail it in.
After you complete the application, give a printed, signed copy to the buyer so that the buyer can mail it to MDGA.

Please be sure to send along pictures and the registration and transfer fees. (pictures and payment can be made online instead of mailing, just make note to registrar)

Please note:
We DO NOT register bucks out of NOA Grade, or ADGA Experimental does.

Do not complete on-line form if you have purchased the animal to be registeredYou must send in the original application for registration that the seller completed, signed, and gave to you. 
Please include both transfer and registration fees if you received an MDGA registration application for the animal when you purchased it.   

When purchasing a goat or goats, it is wise to request a bill of sale that includes all of the following:

·        the seller’s signature 

·        the sale date

·        the name and registration number of each registered goat purchased OR the name (if already named) and both parents’ full names and registration numbers of each unregistered goat purchased

This is especially important if you are buying an animal or animals without receiving the registration papers or application(s) for registration on the day that you pick up the animal(s).

This is a safety precaution in case the registration/transfer paperwork is lost in the mail or misplaced.

If you pay the registration fee with PayPal, please also include a copy of your PayPal receipt to expedite the processing of your application.


All applications must include assigned tattoo
information, even if the goat only has a microchip for identification.

 Kids will have the herdname of the owner if doe at time of breeding, and tattoo of the farm they were born at.

Meanings of the registration number prefixes:

X = Experimental
AM = American
M = Purebred
G = Grade Experimental
ND = Nigerian Dwarf

Understanding Generations: A first generation (F1) is either a cross between a registered purebred Nigerian Dwarf (ND) and a registered standard-sized doe (one of the recognized dairy breeds) OR a cross between a miniature dairy goat and a standard-sized goat, or Nigerian Dwarf. Any of these crosses result in a first-generation miniature dairy goat.
Breeding an F1 to another F1 creates a second generation (F2). F2 x F2 = F3, and so on. (Foundation animals [ND or standard breed] are considered 0 generation in the mini dairy goat herd book.) The generation of the kid is always one generation higher than the lowest generation of a parent. For example, if you breed an F3 to an F1, the kid is an F2. Even if you breed an F6 to an F1, the kid will only be an F2.


For Mini Nubian, Mini Saanen/Mini Sable, and Mini Toggenburg, send completed registration applications to:

Jacqui Wilcox
MDGA Registrar
PO Box 1534
Woodland, WA 98674

For Mini Alpine, Mini Guernsey, Mini LaMancha, Mini Oberhasli,
and Nigerian Dwarf, send completed registration applications to:

Shelley Weber
MDGA Co-Registrar
10613 S 2058 PR SE
Kennewick, WA 99337



View the How to Fill Out the Registration Application page for detailed instructions on registering your miniature dairy goat.

Attention breeders: When allowing another breeder to use your buck, make sure to fill out a Service Memo so that they can register the kids. 

If you did not own the sire of the mini goat that you are registering at the time of service, you must include a Service Memo with the goat's application.

In order for an animal to be registered with MDGA, the parents of the animals must be registered with MDGA, TMGR, ADGA, AGS, CGS, or NDGA. IDGR-registered goats are allowed only if they are dairy goats. Boer, Pygmy, Spanish, or other meat OR fiber breeds may not be registered in the Miniature Dairy Goat Registry. 

No unregistered or grade Nigerian Dwarves can be used in the Mini breeding program.

At least two pictures of the animal(s) to be registered must be submitted with the application or applications for registration  
One picture should be of the
animal’s head, showing the breed character. (This picture should be taken straight on for a Mini Nubian or from the top of the back of the head for a Mini LaMancha.)  
The other picture should be
a side view of the animal’s body, preferably with a profile of the face for a Mini Nubian. Otherwise, please include a profile shot of your Mini Nubian’s face as well.

Not all animals that are registered with other registries will be accepted for registration with MDGA,
and some may not be placed in the same generation or herdbook that another registry would place them in.

Please Read the complete rules for registering with MDGA to see if your animal will qualify for registration with MDGA.

Check out for Registering with MDGA.

Please note: Payment for paperwork MUST be received in order for the paperwork to be processed; please see the Fee Schedule for details.


Height Measurement

Measurements are taken at the highest part of the withers
with the animal standing in a normal stance. See the
“How to Measure” page for measuring tips.

For maximum heights, view the Breed Standard for your breed.



Please note:


If your animals do not meet breed character standards, you will still be able to
register them in the experimental herdbook.

It is not uncommon for the the first couple of generations to not conform to breed standards, especially in color breeds (Mini Oberhasli, Mini Saanen, and Mini Toggenburg) or in ear set
(Mini LaMancha and Mini Nubian)

If an animal does not have the correct breed character by the third generation, or if a higher-generation animal does not conform to breed standards, it can still be registered as “Experimental. The animal will be listed
with an “*” after its registration number showing that it did not conform to breed standard.

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