Production Stars – How They Work

 Inherited Production Stars

Does may have multiple stars. If the daughter of a *P (MDGA) doe earns a star, the daughter becomes a two-star producer (2*P); each generation in an unbroken line would add a star number. For instance, the fourth doe in the line receiving a star would be a 4*P.
A doe may earn a star if she produces:
1. Three daughters that earn a star (*P) award.
2. Two sons that earn plus (+B) awards.
3. Two daughters that earn star (*P) awards and one son that earns a plus (+B) award.
A buck may receive a star (ST) if:
1. Both of his parents are star animals.
2. Both his dam and his sire's dam have earned stars.
A buck may earn a single plus (+) if he has progeny that are ONE of the following,
or a buck may earn a double plus (++) if he has progeny that are TWO of the following:
1. Three *P daughters out of three different dams.
2. Two sons that have earned a plus.
3. Two *P daughters from different dams and one plus son.
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