Registration Guidelines


The Miniature Dairy Goat Association registers animals that are the offspring of a registered standard dairy goat and a purebred, registered Nigerian Dwarf dairy goat. The parents of the animal for which registration application is being made must be registered as “American” or “Purebred” with one or more of the following associations: American Dairy Goat Association, American Goat Society, Nigerian Dwarf Goat Registry, or the Canadian Goat Society. (“Grade” and “Experimental” are covered in another section.)

Acceptable parent breeds for miniature dairy goats include: Alpine, LaMancha, Nubian, Oberhasli, Saanen, Sable, Toggenburg, and Nigerian Dwarf.

Breeds that are NOT acceptable include: Pygmy, Boer, Angora, or any other non-dairy goat breed.

As the generations from the original crossbreeding advance, MDGA uses different categories for registrations, called “herdbooks.” MDGA has four herdbooks: - “Experimental,” “American,” “Purebred” and “Grade.”

*If there is any question about a kid(s) sire, i.e. more than one buck in a doe pen, All kids will be required to have a DNA test completed as well as at least one of the bucks (if there are only 2 bucks in question) will need to be tested in order to register the kid(s).



“Experimentals” are miniature dairy goats that are usually first- or second- generation miniature dairy goats (F1 and F2). These individuals do not have to meet the breed standards of their chosen breed. View the breed standards here. Any third-generation or higher miniature dairy goat that does not meet the standards for the specific breed will also be registered as an “Experimental” with an * after the registration number indicating it does not conform.


Americans” are miniature dairy goats that are usually third-, fourth-, and fifth- generation miniature dairy goats (F3, F4, and F5). Each animal MUST meet ALL standards for its specific breed and must be no more than 70% of either of the original breeds (standard dairy goat and Nigerian Dwarf). If an animal belongs to one of these generations but does not meet ALL standards for its specific breed, it will be entered into the “Experimental” herdbook instead of into the “American” herdbook with * after the registration number. This is in accordance with MDGA’s 70/30 Rule, which requires that a goat have no more than 70% or no less than 30% of either of its parent breeds in order for it to be accepted in the “American” and “Purebred” herdbooks.)


“Purebreds” are miniature dairy goats that are sixth-generation (F6) or higher miniature dairy goats. A “Purebred” MUST meet ALL standards for its specified breed and must meet the conditions of the 70/30 Rule.

MDGA's Herdbook

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